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With the development of the material civilization, we are generally surrounded

by the artificial environment and pollution in our life. We are out of touch with 

nature while we lose the natural peace and energy.

A2S is determined to help people to review the natural peace by the quality 

and pure design product which using the most ancient material — “stone" as 

the design element.


At the peak of renaissance, using the precious carrara white marbles,  Michelangelo finished the great and long-lived statue: David in 1504.

Standing on the shoulders of giant, the A2S design team pay tribute to the classic and brings out another great work: the renaissance design series in 2016.

Carrara region is located beside Carion river bank in Alpi Apuane Mountain in Italy. The natural white marbles produced in this region is excellent material of sculpture, architecture, interior and outside decoration. Michelangelo’s stature of David, the Pantheon in Rome, and marble arch – the landmark in London, all of them are famous examples of using this precious natural marble.


Have you ever wondered what makes The Himalayas so magical?

Hi-Light  is a light (rechargeable lamp) made from Himalayan crystal salt stone .

This sea salt was formed over 200 million years ago. At one time the Himalayan region was an ocean. Millions of years of crustal movement changed the sea salt to crystal salt stone buried deep in the Himalayas and embedded in the history and legend of this mountain range.


Known as, 'the salt of life' by locals, Himalayan salt stone is said to possess properties as powerful and beneficial for the body as the landscape it comes from. This salt stone contains 80 types of minerals and micro-elements which are used by cells to stabilize negative ions in the air. This salt of life acts as a vitamin in the atmosphere to balance ion concentrations, stabilize them, absorb dust and other particles and thus, improve air quality.


When light iridizes from this pure Himalayan salt stone, it illuminates the perfect, natural structure of the stone, creating a calming and relaxing effect.

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